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Alagang Pinoy was nominated for the 32nd Agora Awards by the Philippine Marketing Association

Alagang Pinoy was nominated to the Philippine Marketing Association's Agora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Marketing in recognition of its thrust on advocating health and providing customised and much needed health care solutions to the OFWs and their family in the Philippines.

The Philippine Marketing Association continues its search for excellence in Marketing by giving credit and recognition to deserving companies and individuals who have devoted their time, talent and expertise in their respective areas of involvement and have significantly contributed to the growth and development of marketing profession.

SMART Link partners with Unilab's Alagang Pinoy to ensure seafarers' families' healthcare

Filipino seafarers can now be assured their families’ healthcare needs are addressed even while they are onboard through the partnership of Unilab’s Alagang Pinoy healthcare service and the leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc.’s SMART Link satellite phone service.
The partnership makes it possible for Filipino seafarers to provide for their families’ healthcare needs with a simple phone call. Using the SMART Link satellite phone service, seafarers can avail of Alagang Pinoy Prepaid Healthcare Cards for his family or beneficiaries back home. His family and beneficiaries can use the value on the prepaid card to join Unilab’s complete prepaid healthcare program designed to address the medical needs of OFWs and their families. Membership allows seafarer families to purchase much-needed medicines at discounted prices and for added ease and convenience, have these delivered to their doorsteps.  Family members can also use the prepaid value to secure medical checkup services at accredited clinics at special discount packages.
“We are pleased to provide our valued Filipino seafarers not only with affordable and reliable communication services, but also with complete healthcare program that takes good care of the special needs of the Filipino seafarers’ loved ones at home,” shared Tina Z. Mariano, Smart Global Access Group Head.
“Now, even while seafarers work on board, they can still express their love and care for their families and look after their family’s healthcare needs with just a simple call,” she added.
To avail of the Alagang Pinoy Prepaid Healthcare Card, seafarers may simply dial Access Code 44390 using SMART Link terminals.
“Alagang Pinoy’s partnership with Smart is truly a strategic fit—a good example of synergy between a communication industry leader and a medical industry leader—in providing our esteemed Filipino seafarers with innovative healthcare products and services,” shared Andrew Donn Manuel, Unilab Business Development Director.
“Through Smart, Alagang Pinoy will be able to reach and better serve more Filipino seafarers and provide them with peace of mind, affordable and quality healthcare solutions, and to provide their families with their much needed sense of health security.”
SMART Link is the country’s first and only prepaid satellite phone service catering to the maritime industry. It provides coverage to seafarers sailing within Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Africa, and some part of Europe and the Mediterranean .

Source: Smart Link Website

Unilab ActiveHealth Charts a Full Year of Events

Unilab ActiveHealth continues to provide lifestyle solutions and activities to help individuals and their families to stay fit and active. Opportunities are aplenty this year as Unilab has already lined-up a year-long series of events that will thrill more enthusiasts of different ages, from all walks of life and of diverse sports discipline or even varying fitness levels to join.

“We are encouraged by the support and feedback that we have been getting from people all over the country who have participated in our events. These intensify our drive to create, organize, and support more events and opportunities where Filipino families can stay fit together. We believe that active health starts in the family,” said Alex S. Panlilio, Unilab ActiveHealth’s head.

Unilab ActiveHealth’s opening salvo for 2011 was in the recently concluded ‘10th Bike for Hope-Palawan’, which was organized by Pinay in Action of Senator Pia Cayetano. Last month, the group has also thrown its support to the Condura Skyway Marathon which is considered to be one of the much-awaited premiere marathons in the country.

This week, preparations are full speed ahead for Run United 1 2011, the first leg of the RunRio Trilogy, which will be held on March 6 at Fort Bonifacio Global City. The fun-filled family event will have the following race categories: 500m (for kids), 5K, 10K, and 21K.

Unilab ActiveHealth is ending the first quarter of the year with the ‘Good Day Run’ and opening the second quarter with the Philippine College of Physicians’ running event in May. Then on May 15, it will take part in RunRio Series Goldilocks (Manila).

BikeKing Subic Cycling Bay on July 1 to 3 would jumpstart a busy third quarter for Unilab ActiveHealth. During the month, it would have two more running events—
Outrun the Diabetes Run on July 10 and Yamaha Run on July 31. In between, on July 17, it will be Tri-United (TriKing Matabungkay).

The second leg of the RunRio Trilogy will be held on August 7. Following this on September 4, is another RunRio event, the Rexona Run. For the rest of September and the most parts of October, Unilab ActiveHealth will be busy with out-of-town sports events. These include Bohol Cycling on September 24-25; ActiveHealth Run Series events in Bacolod and Baguio on Sept. 26 and Oct. 2; and the Bike United (Tour of Matabungkay) on Oct. 21. Then it will be back to Manila for the King of the Road run on Oct. 23.

It will be back in Bohol on November 19 for the BikeKing Bohol Cycling Bay event. Alongside this, leg 3 of the RunRio Trilogy, the Run United 2 2011 will be held from Nov. 12 to 13. Then off to Davao on Nov. 27 for another ActiveHealth Run Series. Unilab ActiveHealth will end 2011 with a triathlon on December 3 to 4. Followed by ActiveHealth Run Series in Iloilo and Cebu.

For updates and more information, log on to


Due to inclement weather last October 16, we have rescheduled the Bike United SUNSET FUN RIDE to NOVEMBER 6, Saturday.

Venue: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill

1:00 PM:  Claiming of Race Bibs
2:45 PM:  Assembly Time
3:00 PM:  Start Time of Fun Ride
5:45 PM:  End Time of Fun Ride
6:00 PM:  Awarding Ceremony of Special Awards

Important Reminders
1.  Claiming of your race bib will be done prior to the race.
      Please present one valid ID upon claiming the race bib.
2.  No Race Bib, No Ride.
3.  No Helmet, No Ride.
4.  Light snacks will be served after the fun ride.
     Please present your race bib upon claiming of the snack.
5.  No more claiming of the finisher's kit.

You may contact Hannah at 0917-8902649 for any inquiries and concerns.

Registration has already closed last October 10, 2010

RUN UNITED 2 on November 20-21, 2010 at Fort Bonifacio, Global City

Run United 2, the 3rd leg of the RunRio Trilogy, will be held on November 20-21, 2010 at Fort Bonifacio, Global City. This 2-day family event is going to be the biggest of 2010. Boasting of 7 race categories, 500m (for kids), 3K, 5K, 10K, 15K, 21K, and 32K - Run United 2 is the event for you and your family.

November 20 : 500m (for kids), 3K, 10K, 21K.
November 21 : 500m (for kids), 5K, 15K, 32K.

This is for the benefit of Gawad Kalusugan and Hero Foundation.

Log on to for more details.

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Happy Easter!

Alagang Pinoy will be closed on Friday 22 April in observance of Good Friday. We will resume operations on Saturday 23 April 2011. For your concerns, please email us at

Stick-to-it tricks for your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, new you, right? It’s easy to come up with New Year’s resolutions but it can be so hard to follow through. We can help you with that:


  1. Keep your list short. Better yet, just choose one resolution and focus on it. It’s less overwhelming this way.

  2. Write it down and look at it every day. If it helps, stick a reminder on your wallet, bathroom mirror, or desk.

  3. Set a deadline to keep you moving. This helps you plan your next steps and evaluate how close you are to your goal.  

  4. Tell your loved ones. You’ll need all the support you can get. They can check up on your progress regularly to keep you focused.

  5. Reward yourself. Little treats like a new gadget or a massage will inspire you to continue your new behavior.

Stay committed. You can do it!

Keep your children safe this Christmas

In the frenzy of Christmas preparations and celebrations, young ones need more supervision. Here are some safety tips to keep your young ones happy and safe this season:


  1. Toys.
    • Watch out for toys with small detachable parts. These may be choking hazards.
    • Clean up plastic bags and ribbons to avoid accidental strangulation or suffocation.
    • Batteries, especially button ones, are very dangerous when digested.


  1. Decors.
    • Avoid decors with sharp edges to prevent cuts.
    • Keep children away from candles and matches.
    • Child proof electrical outlets. 


  1. Food.

·         Ask children to stay out of the kitchen to avoid scalds and burns.

·         Put hot food and drinks away from the edge of the table.

·         Check for food spoilage before feeding your children.


Have a kid-safe Christmas!

Where to spend your Christmas vacation

Where is your family spending your Christmas vacation? If you’re looking for ideas, we have a few suggestions:


1.    Subic. Just several hours away from Manila, Subic features family-friendly attractions like the Zoobic Safari (the only tiger safari in the Philippines) and the Subic Treetop Adventure (which boasts of the breathtaking canopy walk and exciting tree drop).  


2.    Bohol. Enjoy a unique dining experience with loved ones on the Loboc River Floating Restaurant. Afterwards, visit the magnificent Chocolate Hills, check out the tarsiers, and maybe even scuba dive at Panglao. 


3.    Baguio.  The City of Pines offers refreshing scenery for city-weary folks. Visit the Groto for your prayers and wishes. Row boats or go biking around the beautiful Burnham Park. Then head to the Mines View Park for a spectacular 360° view of Benguet’s mines.


4.    Pagudpod. White sand, crystal clear waters, charming villages.  Pagudpod has all this and more! You may even take your family on a nature trip to the enchanting Kaibigan Falls.

Enjoy your holidays!





Holiday health risks

For your Christmas to be truly merry, better make sure your family’s healthy. Take note of these holiday health risks.

  1. Overeating. It’s easy to lose track of what you eat with all the parties lined up this season. Remember that overeating leads to a number of health risks, including obesity, diabetes and heart problems. TIP: Before hitting the buffet, drink a glass of water to get a feeling of fullness.

  2. Alcohol abuse. Drinking is often part of celebrating with families and friends. But drinking too much may lead to liver diseases, accidents and injuries. TIP: Drink in moderation.

  3. Stress. Late nights. Shopping craze. Traffic jams. Christmas can be so overwhelming! Stress causes headaches, sleep problems, and body pain. It also makes you more susceptible to heart diseases and cancer. TIP: Plan everything early. And relax!

  4. Depression. Feelings of sadness often crop up for lonely people, especially the elderly, who have may have no one to celebrate with. Grief over the loss of a loved one may also resurface. TIP: Look after friends or family members who may be sad or lonesome. 

  5.  Accidents. In the flurry of Christmas activities, potential hazards are often overlooked. Watch out for fires, food poisoning, burns and cuts, and other accidents. TIP: Check your Christmas lights. Keep an eye on the stove. And don’t leave children and the elderly unattended.



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