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Myra Capsule
Dl-alfa Tocopherol (natural Vit E)
Available in:
 Myra Capsule 400IU
 Myra Capsule E 300IU CAP 30
 Myra Capsule E 400IU CAP 30
 Myra Capsule E 300IU CAP 100
 Myra Capsule E 400IU CAP 100

What is Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is vitamin with antioxidant properties that has a lot of benefits, particularly in the cells.

What is Vitamin E good for?
For starters, Vitamin E is very good for the skin. It helps your skin maintain its youthful glow by helping the cells turn over faster. The more cells are renewed, the more it’ll reflect on the way the skin looks.

Is that all Vitamin E is for?
There are a lot of other benefits you get from Vitamin E. It is essential to the maintenance of critical body functions like the heart and blood vessels, as well as the brain and central nervous system. It also helps in maintaining good vision and a healthy immune system. Finally, it also helps protect our DNA from the damages of oxidation.

What is the new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E?
New Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E is the latest product in the Myra line of vitamins targeted to women. It is a supplement that has 400 I.U. or International Units of natural vitamin E.

How is it different from Myra 300-E?
The two basic differences between Myra 300-E and new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E are its ingredient and the amount. Myra 300-E has 300 I.U. of synthetic Vitamin E while new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E has, as previously stated, 400 I.U. of natural Vitamin E.

What’s the difference between synthetic and natural vitamin E?
The basic difference between the synthetic and natural would be the source. Synthetic Vitamin E comes from 2 petroleum chemicals. They’re called trim ethyl-hyrdoquinone and isophytol. Natural Vitamin E comes from rich, natural sources like seeds and beans such as soybeans, sunflower seeds, corn and canola.

What is the advantage of Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E since it comes from a natural source?
Studies show that natural vitamin E is twice as potent as synthetic vitamin E. The reason behind this is that natural vitamin E is accepted by the liver more. The liver is where nutrients stay before the body further absorbs them.

You said earlier that Vitamin E is good for the skin. How does this translate to being an advantage?
Since more vitamin E is absorbed by the body, more vitamin E reaches the cells. With more vitamin E in the cells, they are renewed and protected for a longer period of time. This longer protection assures that your skin looks and feels healthier for an extended period of time. And not only that, since it’s protected more, you can be assured that your skin will look good even under extreme conditions. This all adds up to the promise of new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E which is beauty that lasts, inside and out.

Will new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E be as expensive as the other skin vitamins and other natural supplements?
Like Myra 300-E, new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E will be priced less than other advertised vitamin E products. Compared to other Natural Vitamin E brands in the market, new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E is priced 50% less. That’s about P10.00 per capsule, making it more affordable. And because it’s from Myra, you can be sure of its efficacy.

What is the format of new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E? Is it like Myra 300-E?
New Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E comes in an orange soft gel capsule and comes individually packaged in hygienic flex foil packs. It comes in boxes of 28s and 100s. This makes it convenient to sell and carry because of the new format.

What happens to Myra 300-E now that there’s new Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E?
We like to give our consumers a choice, that’s why Myra 300-E and Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E will both be available on the shelves. Both products have their own benefits and markets, so if they want an all natural supplement, there’s Myra 400 Natural Vitamin E. If otherwise, there’s Myra 300-E. But whichever they choose, the benefit of beautiful skin is guaranteed.

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